Runic Sorcerer FAQ

What is Runic Sorcerer?

Runic Sorcerer is a strategic, real-time 3D game developed for iOS by PlexusGames, a company based in Switzerland.

The game centres around an epic battle between two sorcerers who are able to cast spells and call upon dozens of creatures. Once called upon, these creatures can in turn play independently and cast all sorts of spells and charms.

The game has two main components:

- A solo campaign where you can discover the game and experience an adventure full of unexpected developments.

- A multi-player option where you can compete against other players on the Internet or against your friends on the GameCenter.

Is the campaign a game tutorial?

The campaign makes use of the same mechanisms as the multi-player mode, but it is much more than a simple tutorial. The campaign is constructed around a credible scenario with rich dialogue and numerous additional characters who do not appear in the multi-player mode.

What are the basic mechanisms of the game?

The main character in a game is always your sorcerer. To achieve his purpose, your sorcerer needs to call upon allied creatures. These creatures have different strategic attributes (type of spells, type of weapons, speed, land-based or air-borne etc.). Finding a good combination of attributes will enable you to create the ultimate group of fighters to confront your enemy.

Runes must be created to gain access to some of the creatures. Some runes may take time to be created and cost a certain number of resources, depending on the type of creature they are associated with. Managing your resources and creating the right runes at the right moment are also important strategic elements of the game.

Do all players play the same type of sorcerer?

To enrich the game, it is possible to choose between two types of sorcerer. All players are novices at the start of a game. Once they have accumulated sufficient resources they can choose between two different sorcerers. Each sorcerer is able to call upon different creatures and has unique spells. This choice thus results in different strategies.

How does a game work in multi-player mode?

At the beginning of the game, the sorcerer is an apprentice who can only create a limited number of runes. You can play aggressively or defensively, create few units but collect a large number of resources, or prepare for rapid attack.

The Fog Of War prevents a player from knowing exactly what another player is preparing. Collecting information with the aid of spells or scouts is essential for good decision-making.

Once they have made a decision and have the resources, players may choose their sorcerer's path. This has the effect of unblocking different runes and ultimately defining one game style or another (mostly air-borne creatures, camouflaged creatures, etc.).

When one of the sorcerers dies, the game is over and the surviving party is the winner.

The various rune combinations and timings provide an infinite number of strategies for players to explore.

The game is played in one-on-one mode. The option of a 2v2 mode is currently being investigated.

How do the battles develop?

In a battle you select your units and send them into battle to attack the enemy creatures.

A lot of attention has been given to the multi-touch user interface. You may use two fingers to select the creature groups, double clicks to select all creatures of the same type, as well as many other shortcuts.

The artificial intelligence of the game enables the creatures to target the enemy creatures automatically. You can also vastly improve the results of a battle by manually controlling some units. Each creature also has a secondary spell which can be manually cast. Using this in the best way possible may determine the outcome of a battle.

How many creatures and spells are there?

There is the apprentice sorcerer and two experienced wizards.

17 creatures may be called upon by the wizards, each of which has a unique spell.

There are also several secondary creatures directly linked to the spells.

The two experienced wizards can use three different spells each.

There is also a sorceress who sells objects and potions that can be used in various ways during the course of the game.

Are there rankings that show the best players?

In multi-player mode, you can:

- Create customised games and play against a friend on the GameCenter.
- Play in an unranked game
- Play in a ranked game

When you play in a ranked game, you collect points that allow you to progress through the various levels of the game. There are six different levels, ranging from Apprentice Sorcerer to Legendary Sorcerer.

Which engine do you use?

The game uses a 3D engine which was completely developed in-house. The general game engine was developed to make maximum use of the target hardware.

What is the target machine?

The game requires an iPad2 or higher. A version for iPhone is currently being developed and will probably be released after the iPad version with a revised user interface. On iPads with retina display the game is rendered in 100% native resolution.

How much does the game cost?

The game will be released as free2play with players having to pay for some parts (the final price will be announced at the time of release). In multi-player mode, unranked and customised games will be free of charge. Two campaign levels may be played free of charge.

When will the game be released?

The iPad version will be available the november 4, 2013.